Yaşam Mermer - Yasam Marble

The marble quarry business that “YAŞAM MERMER” started production in 1988 was included in Karetaş Mining in 2019. Natural stones from our “LIFE MARBLE ATLANTIC GRAY” quarry, which is the first quarry of our company, are a famous natural stone in the demand project from 5-star evaluation in Turkey and abroad to luxury yachts.


With its geological definition, Marble is a composition formed by the recrystallization of limestone and dolomitic limestones as a result of the metamorphism event. 90-98% of their composition consists of CaCO3 (Calcium carbonate). It contains low amount of MgCO3 (Magnesium carbonate). The main mineral in marbles composed of CaCO3 crystals is “Calcite”. Also, small amounts of silica, silica, feldspar, iron oxide, mica, fluorine and organic substances can be found. Industrial sense; All kinds of stones that can be cut and polished are considered as marble. Regardless of the type and content of the stone, the ability to obtain large-sized blocks, to be cut and polished is sufficient for that stone to be considered as marble.